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Well, what a week off plan that was. And now I feel all wobbly and yukky and everything feels too tight…

Slimming World Food Diary Calorie Club


Slight gain this week of half a lb… I think I may have gotten off lightly here so I have some severe making up to do! Hopefully next week I will be back with a Slimming World food plan and a lovely loss to share.

So, instead of salivating over a food diary filled with the tasty, syn filled food that has travelled straight to my tummy (in and on!) this week, I thought I would let you know about the food diaries I use.


In the beginning

For many years, my go-to recording method was the Slimming World food diary. These A5 double sided slips of paper form part of your starter pack you receive when you join at a group. Diligently photocopying the papers as and when I needed them, these food diaries often helped me on my way to weight loss.

More recently, following the explosion of Instagram marketing, I branched out into the world of the visually pleasing diaries. There are numerous companies that produce these diaries but, after some research, I happened across The Calorie Club.

To begin with I perused the wide selection of front cover designs and opted for the Slimming World tailoring. The company offer the booklets in conjunction with several slimming plans and you choose which design suits your needs.

My first purchase, back in early 2016, included a trio of six week diaries for £6.27. These enabled me to document the things I consumed in the run up to my friend’s wedding. With a bridesmaids dress to get into, I was focused.

In addition to the diaries, the packs included three separate booklets, within which you could include your measurements, a weight graph to complete and other useful tools to help you on your journey. We are all different, of course, but I found that I only really used the actual food diaries rather than the supplementary documents provided.



Fast forward to 2017, after quite some time not sticking to SW, I needed a new diary to keep me on track. Returning to the Calorie Club website and eBay shop, I found that the designs had evolved.

Slimming World Food Diary Calorie Club

This time, for £7.95 the diary is ring bound and includes pages for 3 months of recording. 6 month diaries are available for purchase and these will set you back £14.95.

Slimming World Food Diary Calorie Club

Inside you find pages for:

  • Personal info and measurements

  • Motivations and reminders

  • Weight graph

  • Meal planning

  • Shopping lists

  • Favourite meals and snacks

  • Before and after pictures

  • Diary section with sections relevant to Free food, Speed food, Healthy extras and treats/syns.

Slimming World Food Diary Calorie Club

Ultimately, the individual booklets have been combined into one ring bound book, which is far superior in both quality and presentation.

For me, I would like a section to be able to record the total syns for the day but, to be fair, you can use the daily goals and notes section for that.

Slimming World Food Diary Calorie Club

So, for me, these diaries are incredibly helpful and I definitely struggle without them. Over the years, I have realised how easy it is to forget the little extras you consume. Recording everything keeps it all fresh in your mind and gives a much clearer view of where you are with your speed foods, healthy extras and syns. I know of others who use mobile apps, but I like to be old school and write things down. I adore technology, but I do need to keep some paper in my life.

For more information about calorie club, you can check out their website at

How do you manage your journey(s)? Do you use food diaries and have you found any great alternatives?

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