Slimming World – Freezer issues

And here is my countdown for this week! Only two brown boxes – yay! I so admire those of you that remain on plan all of the time. However, as with last week, I have been good on the ‘brown’ days and it has mostly been just my evening meal that has been off plan.

Unfortunately, there was an issue with the freezer this week. Rather than waste the not so slimming world food that had defrosted, the food was cooked up and eaten for dinner. Yes, that means two off plan evening meals but, positive spin, it presented an opportunity. It gave me a balance between staying on plan for the day, not wasting the food, and enabling me to feel ‘treated’ by having off plan food. I wish my brain didn’t feel ‘treated’ in this way, but I have concluded that I need to work with it.

Mackerel Roll

So, faulty freezer aside, I have been trying to be extra good this week. Why? Because the Isle of Wight Festival is this coming weekend. I even resisted cheese and crackers, and homemade pink wine whilst under duress… by that I mean slightly tipsy family members encouraging me to enjoy the tasty treats. But I stood strong and achieved a little win. Happy face.

Fruit Salad

Slimming World - Freezer Issues

So imagine my disappointment when I stepped on the scales this week.

Result: Half a lb off.  Hmmm… it’s in the right direction. Normally when I have been really good, bearing in mind that I know myself and my body, this situation would normally mean that my weight loss next week would be better than I expect. However, as I mentioned, this weekend is going to be off plan… uh oh.

Cheesy Steak Fries

Slimming World - Freezer issues

For me, the festival means more than 15 syns of alcohol and non-slimming world food choices. Interestingly, I tend to stick mostly to spirits when at the festival so syn consumption is kept from spiralling out of control on costly wine and beer. Other than the odd burger, I even tend to go for noodles and rice when hungry, so hopefully, with just the half lb loss this week, the rest will be reflected in a not so significant gain when I step back onto the scales next week. Here’s hoping!
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