Slimming World – Hot! Hot! Hot!

Wow, what a week it has been for temperatures in the UK. Hot! Hot! Hot! And it would seem that this little bout of sunshine and warmth has made me forget all about Slimming World. Well, kind of. That was a bit of an exaggeration but you wouldn’t think so by looking at this:

So, this week has been a similar to normal in that the ‘brown days’ aren’t fully off-plan days. But so much for 10 perfect days eh? Terrible. The days are ticking by on my countdown and I have made little progress. Other than being ill for a few days this week, I have been enjoying myself at least. Wednesday this week was my niece’s birthday which led to this:

Lamb burger with feta, coleslaw, relish & fat chips

On occasions such as these, I usually tend to go for a jacket potato. Jacket potatoes are normally the only menu option that is Slimming World friendly. However, this time, having been good all day I thought I would opt for something a bit different. I spent ages choosing between a salad and this burger… (I know right..?) and eventually settled for the unhealthiest choice of the two. Interestingly, my niece had a jacket potato and I spent the whole meal wishing I had chosen the same as her. And this wasn’t just for Slimming World purposes, but because I just love them. Madness, as I could have stayed on plan and thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Lesson learned.

From this point on, the week carried on in a similar way. Good during the day but too many syns in the evening, hence the river of brown flowing through my countdown. And the result?

Result: Maintain. Happy days. This could have been much worse and I fear the scales next week!

So why am I already planning beer & BBQ for dinner this evening? Because I have been sitting in my office for the last 2 days melting my carefully applied face off. We don’t get evening temperatures like this for very long in the UK so I am embracing it with open arms. I can’t drink much beer anyway (too gassy) and will be sticking to meat and salad. Are these excuses you ask? Why of course not. I don’t make excuses for not sticking to Slimming World…


Beer anyone?

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