Slimming World – In a rut… 21.02.17

Slimming World - In a rut

Ok, so we are just going to pretend that this week did not happen as I have been completely off plan and am afraid to get on the scales. I am in a rut. I have had a few slimming world friendly meals as pictured in this post, and in usual style, they tasted great. However, my mood seems to be battling against me at the moment and so far it is winning… hmm. Fingers crossed I can claw myself out of this, pronto…

Spicy Tuna Tomato Pasta

Spicy Tuna Tomato Pasta

Last week I talked about Fakeaways and my own mentality when it comes to my Friday night takeout. The post got me thinking about commitment to a cause and how having less to lose as a starting point could lead to a slower weight loss. Now before you say it, I am well aware this sounds like I could be looking for excuses, but I have often wondered if this is something that spins me off course. Even if it is, it certainly is not the case for everyone. Individually we are all different and many people out there are undergoing incredible and inspiring Slimming World journeys, as evidenced within the vast Slimming World community on Instagram.

And so, in this time of reflection, I thought it would be useful to share some of my favourite Slimming World Instagram accounts. If you click the titles it will take you to the individual Instagram feeds:

Carly bloggs

Since losing four stone, Carly is a target member and presents a healthy and balanced way of eating. She maintains at target with a mixture of being on plan and cheat meals, and as a result looks absolutely fantastic, inspiring the thousands of followers she has accrued through her time with Slimming World.


Claire has almost reached her target weight and one of the best things about her account, for me anyway, is the pictures of her fakeaway meals. The mixture (together, which makes it better!) of Slimming World chips, rice, chow mein and curry are guaranteed to make me drool. Interestingly, I have never attempted that combination myself, but having had the realisation that something this wonderful is a real possibility, I am certainly going to be jumping on that Chinese/Curry taste wagon.

Slimming World – in a rut

SW In a rut - Slider

This is only a list of four of the many Slimming World journeys posted online each day, and each is inspiring in it’s own way. It is also amazing how supportive and motivational it can be to scout through the accounts for tips or meal ideas. There are huge numbers of people out there who rally to support eachother when there is a need for encouragement or reassurance and it really is an incredible space to be part of. Not only reminding us that we are all in this together, it can help to restore our faith in humanity, which in this day and age, is a wonderful thing to experience.

Do you have any favourite accounts that you follow whether it be Instagram or blog?

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