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I think I’d say that I’m a veteran of Slimming World. I first went to group back in 2007 at the tender age of 24 (wow that makes me feel old!) and since then I have endlessly returned to the Slimming World way to shift a few lbs.

Gradually over the years, many of my friends have succumbed too, whether to shift baby weight, slim for a wedding or, like me, to feel more comfortable in their own skin. I have seen people lose huge amounts of weight in a steady but healthy way and it just works. However, I have to say that, mind-set is, for me, a hugely important factor. After that first venture into the world of food optimising, that one where you stuck to it with unadulterated commitment, the enthusiasm slides for many of us and never quite returns with the same gusto…

During those 10 years, I have restarted slimming world about 3000 times, usually on a ‘tomorrow’ promise to myself but, just on the odd occasion, I feel a refreshing surge of enthusiasm to stay on track and achieve again, and though those times I’ve really managed to make a difference.

Something that I’ve found inspirational is the Slimming World Instagram community. My page MissAmyRach_SW is just one in a giant pool of weight loss seekers, but it’s a wonderful place to be. #slimmingworld opens up a whole new world, where generating ideas for eachother and seeing how those you follow are progressing is a joy. Everyone is so positive and supportive, encouraging eachother when those struggling really need it most.

Slimming World Brunch

I am one of those people who has never had an enormous amount of weight to lose. At the moment I’m looking to lose a stone and a half and am virtually as heavy as I have ever been, but a 21lb target weight loss can be such a chore to achieve. On the one hand, it doesn’t seem much in comparison to some of those amazing instagrammers out there, but on the other, when you see the equivalent bags of sugar of the disgusting fake fat demonstrator thing that the consultant puts out at group, you see that actually, it’s much more than you might think, especially when you consider that your body is carrying it around each day.

They say that Slimming World isn’t a diet, it’s a way of life and they’re so right. It isn’t a quick fix but it does work and if you are sensible, you can keep the extra weight off for good. Although I don’t stick to plan at all times and I have been known to have months off at a time, Slimming World never leaves me completely and it has been incorporated into my life in so many ways. Other than on a rare occasion, gone are the days of using oil to cook, drinking full fat milk or eating oven chips. I have even converted my parents to Slimming World chips and wedges who have naturally become accustomed to the great taste of the healthier version. Who can argue with that!

Steak, halloumi and salad

So, I’m back on my mission. Far too many takeaways in the lead up to Christmas followed by copious amounts of party food and prosecco has certainly taken its toll and via my Instagram account and blog posts, I will share my experience with whoever would like to hear more. If you are here because of an interest in Slimming World, I very much hope my journey helps to inspire yours and I certainly hope you will share yours with me.

MissAmyRach. X


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