So, did Mayflower Curry just become even easier to make? Oh yes, it did! Smiles all round. Have you checked out my Mayflower Curry recipe? The original recipe is here which includes the ingredients if you would like to have a look. Go on, do yourself a favour and embrace the world of mayflower curry. It really is tasty and delicious and the number of times that I have made it is now countless.

Slimming World Recipe - Slow Cooker Mayflower Curry

Now, in many of my blog posts and YouTube videos, I have talked about the fast pace of life and how many of us try to be as swift as the wind in getting things done. As Mayflower Curry is such a staple of my weekly menu, to help things along, I have found an even quicker way to create this recipe. This then leaves us with extra time to do other chores whilst a deliciously speedy (speed foods) curry develops in the background.

A point to note with this recipe is that cooking the ingredients for this length of time means that the liquid absorbs more of the vegetable flavour so for a stronger curry flavour, you will need additional curry powder. 7 grams of powder is 1 syn. I chose to use 105 grams of curry powder which means the whole batch of curry is 15 syns. With such a large amount of beef, this will easily serve 4 making it around 4 syns per serving. If you have syns spare then why not add an additional 28 grams of powder for greater flavour at just 1 syn per person.

You will also need a stock cube for this recipe.

Slimming World Recipe - Slow Cooker Mayflower Curry

So, as you’ll see from the original recipe, you can use any vegetables you like. I usually like to include baby corn but today, sadly, I don’t have any. Instead, I am using red onion, white (or is it brown?) onion, and then red & green bell peppers.


I decided to make this a chunky curry and used 700g of lean diced beef that was pre-chopped. Chop the onions and peppers into chunks and add everything to the pot.

Crumble a stock cube over the top and add the Mayflower Curry mix.

Slimming World Recipe - Slow Cooker Mayflower Curry

Mix together 105 grams of Mayflower Curry powder (15 syns) with 300ml (ish) of water and stir until the powder dissolves.

Add the Mayflower Curry mixture, stir everything together thoroughly and pop on the lid. Heat the mixture for 2 hours on high or 4 hours on low.

Slimming World Recipe - Slow Cooker Mayflower Curry

Serve with syn free plain boiled rice for an easy, tasty and satisfying meal.

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Slimming World Recipe - Fakeaway - Slow Cooker Mayflower Curry

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