Slimming World Recipe – Pizza Fries

This week I am continuing the recent pizza theme. This recipe is similar to the pizza toasts, but without the bread and, thus, the Healthy Extra B choice. A fantastic option for those days when you had porridge or toast for breakfast but are craving a pizza dinner.

Slimming World Recipe - Pizza Fries

You will need:

Slimming World Recipe - Pizza Fries

  • Pizza sauce (Recipe here)

  • Potatoes for Slimming World Fries (Recipe here)

  • 45g mozzarella or 40g reduced fat cheese, but mozzarella melts best. (Healthy extra A choice)

  • Toppings of your choice. For this recipe, I went with my favourite, sliced olives, green pepper, chopped jalapenos and tuna.

Slimming World Recipe - Pizza Fries


First off, ensure you have a batch of pizza sauce to use as a base. You won’t need a huge amount and using too much would probably make the fries a little soggy.

Make up some Slimming World fries and, once baked, add the fries to an oven proof dish.

Slimming World Recipe - Pizza Fries

Top the fries with the tomato sauce and add your toppings of choice.

Slimming World Recipe - Pizza Fries

Sprinkle the mozzarella over the top and bake in the oven until the cheese melts and turns golden.

If using a smaller but deeper oven proof dish, you could consider making two layers of to ensure you have gooey cheese and gorgeous flavour throughout.

Serve with a big side salad for extra speed.

Slimming World Recipe - Pizza Fries

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