Slimming World Recipe – Syn free Mushroom Sauce

Slimming World Recipe - Syn free mushroom sauce

This week, I conjured up a new invention as part of one of my evening meals. Here is my Slimming World recipe – Syn free mushroom sauce.

You will need:

  • Mushrooms

  • Stock cube of your choice – I used beef this time but chicken works

  • Frylight

  • Boiling water

  • Smash or alternative syn free instant mash

Syn Free Mushroom Sauce

Chop up as many mushrooms as you fancy and spray a frying pan with Frylight. I used a combination of sunflower Frylight and the garlic Frylight which are my faves, and then add the mushrooms to a medium heat. Switch the kettle on (saves time) and fry the mushrooms until they start to soften and brown off.

Sweep the mushrooms to the side of the pan and crumble a stock cube into the space left in the pan. Turn the heat up a little as we want the stock to reduce. Add a little hot water to the crumbled stock cube and smush it all together until it dissolves and leaves a thickish sludge; sounds great right? Add a bit more boiling water and mix in the mushrooms and then just keep adding more water to create more sauce. Keep mixing and don’t worry that it looks a bit thin right now.

Add a sprinkling of smash and continue mixing. Keep adding smash and water whilst mixing it all together until you have the desired quantity and consistency. Season to taste and you’re done! It’s fab, completely syn free and takes about 15 minutes! Happy days.

Final Note

Whether you consider using smash to thicken the sauce as a tweak, is entirely up to you. Slimming World operate on the basis that it is not a tweak as it is difficult to overeat sauce/gravy. However, if you are making gravy with a view to drinking your way through a whole bowl, you may want to consider a potential syn value!

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