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So, as you can see from my Countdown image below, we have a combination of my colours representing the ‘good’ and the ‘bad’ days. However, all is not as bad as it seems…

Brown is the colour used for the Thursday, Friday and Saturday boxes because yes, I had way too many syns. But things could have been worse. I was actually on plan all day Thursday until dinner and also all day Friday until dinner. So, although the countdown makes it seem like I only had 4 of the 7 days on plan, those 3 days weren’t so bad.  And, as a result, I have gained some inspiration. I don’t want there to be 3 brown boxes in the next week and so am feeling invigorated when it comes to staying on plan.


Beef in oyster sauce

As you can see from the above picture, this week I have spent some time working on a Beef in Oyster Sauce recipe. Unfortunately, it isn’t ready yet as I wasn’t happy enough with the result to include it as a feature. This was, however, a tasty dinner and fakeaway, so am looking forward to retrying this recipe to bring it up to standard.


Pork fillet, tomatoes and onions roasted with balsamic vinegar and herbs


Ok, so yet again, I forgot to weigh myself this morning. Sometimes, I really worry about my brain. I have set an alarm on my phone for tomorrow, which yells at me to get on the scales. Once that has taken place, I will update this post with the result. Overall, whether the weigh-in is good or bad, I feel better and I feel like I am back on track. Having a Countdown tool really does help; I love colouring the boxes in my ‘good’ colour.

Although I have successfully lost weight during my time, I am someone who rarely has a full week on plan. Last time I had something specific to slim for, my countdown led me to commit to ’10 perfect days’. This little creation is me staying within the daily 15 syns for 10 days straight. To my mind, it shouldn’t be such a ‘thing’ to have to work at sticking to plan for that long without a cheat meal, but that’s how life is for me. These smaller milestones seem to help me stay on track so perhaps that is the direction to take… food for thought maybe…

Do you give yourself interim targets or smaller milestones? Got any tips and tricks?

Result Update:

A 2lb loss this week. Smiley face time.

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