Slimming World – Taking My Own Advice

Have you been following my Tuesday Slimming posts, also known as my Slimming World Journey? If so, you will know that, since Christmas, I went from doing great (for a very short time!), slipped into a rut, got back in the game and then found myself in tug of war with life which led to being on plan often, but straying regularly enough to sabotage any weight loss.

Slimming World - Taking My Own Advice

Back in February, I first confessed to the rut. I then began looking at getting back on track by reflecting on my past experiences. The pressure is now on as I will be going abroad for a summer holiday. Uh oh… I will always advocate loving the skin you are in, however, I don’t have much that fits in terms of holiday attire… Having only rarely worn most of the holiday items I own, I shall be attempting to slim into them. How am I going to do this? Well, follow my own advice of course!


To begin with I am getting organised. I have my Slimming World diary (see my review on The Calorie Club food diaries here), I have printed myself a countdown tool and I have planned meals for the coming week.

Slimming World - Taking My Own Advice

I find that planning evening meals, if nothing else, helps because it gives me an idea of what I can use in the day in terms of healthy extras and syns, if necessary. The Healthy Extra A is usually my problem area due to tea drinking and a significant penchant for cheese. This just goes to show how things can change. In previous years, it was always my B choice that I had to keep an eye on. Whilst following a combination of the old style green and red days, I found the protein based days much more of a challenge and my healthy extras B choices were often whiled away on nimble bread and Alpen light bars. But that was in my days of the psychological barrier, where I couldn’t image a meal that didn’t include carbs. I am so, so thankful that I have finally managed to break that routine. Here is a delicious example:

Pork fillet with syn free bacon and mushroom sauce

Slimming World - Taking My Own Advice

And so we begin a new week with a fresh incentive. The weather has brightened, and although the rain has fallen, the temperature has risen. This means that my fair-weather Pokémon walks can resume and I can get some body magic in. It really is quite amazing how much my countdown tool inspires me to stay on plan. Day 1 is done and I get to colour the box in the preferred colour. This time I have chosen yellow for the good days, to represent the sunshine (fingers crossed) holiday that I am slimming for, and brown for those darker days when I haven’t been so good.

Final note

This week, I am feeling particularly inspired. A friend of mine has been following my Slimming World journey and has let me know that she is using some of the information I posted to resume her own weight loss plan. It feels so great to feel like you are helping somebody. Small things that people do and say, even just acknowledging your work, can make such a difference to how someone feels. So, if you are reading this Rachel – thank you.

New Slimming World posts each Tuesday and Thursday at 18:30 pm (BST)!

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