Slimming World – THAT Slimming World Hiatus

So, who is with me!?
‘For what?’ I hear you cry… or maybe you just think it whilst looking a little confused…

Well, ambling along behind the Slimming World bandwagon, of course! Watching it disappear off in a cloud of dust (I have a western type horse-drawn wagon in mind as I write this… *shrugs*)

That Slimming World Hiatus -Quesadilla

Is it only me that slips in and out of the Slimming World way? If you have followed my blog since the early days (not actually that long ago!) you may remember my Slimming World Journey posts, which identified and explained the struggle. In truth, I haven’t been back in the game since those journey posts stopped. But why? That is, always, the question!

The thing I never forget is that Slimming World is a lifestyle change, not a diet. But the limitations make it tough at times. Sometimes I just want a big old pasty ok? And no, I have no idea about the syn value. Lots I would imagine. A logical mind would just eat the pasty, enjoy it and then return to the plan. THAT is how you do it. But that isn’t as super easy as it sounds.

That Slimming World Hiatus -Quesadilla

Since I left my job at the end of August and began working from home, I have definitely improved how I eat. Gone are the endless days of pasta pots with crusty bread, or crisps and a sandwich that made me feel bloated and lethargic. I think, psychologically, I chose those lunches because they were easy and I knew deep down they would make me feel bad. Being on the end of a stressful morning, I wonder if the bad choices gave me an excuse to resent my unsatisfactory occupation even more. Don’t get me wrong, those lunches weren’t the most unhealthy meal choices, considering I worked near to a McDonald’s and am partial to a Big Mac. However, if you have IBS like me, it isn’t necessarily the feel-good food you need. And so, that cycle has ceased.

I had, perhaps, idealistic illusions of returning to being a Slimming World slave when I stopped having to ‘go in’ to work each day. However, it hasn’t happened. Three weeks later, and as I said, whilst my eating habits have improved, Slimming World still eludes me. You may also have noticed that my Slimming World recipes have slipped and I have missed the odd week. Fear not, they will be back; I am just reinvigorating myself and ferreting out my mojo. I already have plans to add to my ‘fries’ related recipes. Slimming World Chilli Cheese fries are on the agenda and I can’t wait to make them!

That Slimming World Hiatus - Cake

The thing I need to remember is that Slimming World is often the norm for me, as it is for many of us I imagine. 10 years of recurrent Slimming World ‘dieting’ has left many aspects imprinted on my brain. Including speed foods where possible, opting for a jacket potato with cheese, salad, and no butter, a pasta n sauce made with just water and paired with a salad. These are also healthier choices, which help to naturally limit the syn values consumed each day.

So that’s a little update from me. How are you finding things? Do you find you naturally adopt some of the Slimming World techniques? If so, which ones?

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