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Fanfare please!! Introducing MissAmyRach’s Slimming World Countdown:

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If you are a returning visitor to my blog, you will know that I have, frustratingly, been experiencing a Slimming World rut. A little while ago, whilst developing my post within which I talked about still being in said rut, I remembered my go-to tool. As grand as I tried to make it sound in the introduction, in reality it is an incredibly simple log. However, less is often more and this countdown has often spurred me into action. As a result, I felt inspired to share this with you all for two reasons in particular:

  1. To provide you with information on a visual tool that has previously made a big difference to my Slimming World efforts

  2. As a potential way to inspire me and my butt to get into gear!

So, do you have something that you are slimming for? A birthday? A holiday? A wedding? Or even just a healthier life? I have often found that when I have a date specific goal to slim for. I am far more inclined to stay on track.


Good Intentions – Slimming World Friendly Shopping

Slimming World - The Countdown Tool

Goal setting appears to be a popular topic of discussion at the moment. Many, many goal related posts are popping up in my bloglovin feed on a regular basis. Whether you have a time specific deadline or just want to give yourself milestones within your own personal journey, this countdown tool may be something that can help you along.

I normally keep two pens with me, a green and a red. At the end of each day I colour in the chart. A green box for when I stayed on plan and stayed within the 15 syns daily allowance. The box is coloured red for the bad days. These are the off-plan days or just days when too many syns had been consumed. It can be a great motivator because I absolutely hate having to colour in the days as red.


The Pens

Slimming World - The Countdown Tool

Now of course, red and green can be confusing to Slimming World veterans as this used to be the colour code for the type of day you were having, green for carbohydrate based food days and red for protein based. So, you can of course adapt the colour scheme to suit your preferences. I think next time, I am going to use different colours to mix it up a little.

As for an update this week, pfft!! I am still in the same on-plan/off-plan tug o war. But that is ok. There is a lot going on in life at the moment. If you have seen any of my Happiness is… series you will know that striving for happiness is my priority at the moment. I have previously explained that I struggle with my Slimming World mojo when the space in my head is too busy with others things and that is how things are right now. Beating myself up over not being in a slimming mindset is only going to impact negatively and what is the use in that? The time will come.

Happily, a fantastic discovery this week is hasselback potatoes! My word these spuds are gorgeous. Recipe coming soon but here is a sneak peak!


Hasselback Potato

Slimming World - The Countdown Tool

And there it is for this week. Below, I have included a downloadable annual countdown for those of you who have lengthier timescales in play. However, the chart is fully customisable and you just need to delete or ignore any additional rows. What do you think? Might you try it out? If so, I would love to hear how you find it. I am a strong believer in the countdown tool and will be making use of it again asap! Tweet pictures to me at @MissAmyRach or tag me in Instagram photos @MissAmyRach_sw.

Downloadable tool: Slimming World – The Countdown Tool – Annual Countdown

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