Slimming World – The Fakeaway – Beef & Black Bean

On the basis that this looks the part and being that it is I writing this post, you would be forgiven for thinking that this is a picture of a takeaway. But no, this Slimming World – The Fakeaway, Beef & Black Bean meal is, in fact, a slimming world friendly dish and commonly known as a Fakeaway.

Slimming World - The Fakeaway - Beef & Black Bean

Now, I am not really one for following recipes. I can do it but, as you might deduce from the recipes I post, I tend to make up my own rules. In part, I suspect this is linked to laziness with dishes requiring an extensive list of ingredients. I have often found myself raiding the cupboards for substitutes and ultimately, as ridiculous as this might sound, I find it difficult to break the cycle.

Fakeaway Prep

As a result, my attempts at fakeaways have never quite made it to ‘lovely’, edible yes, but never great enough to want to recreate it. Without the desired success, each new recipe book would find its way to the back of a cupboard, forgotten whilst I continue to gaily swerve on and off plan. The booklets sit there awaiting a time when I might need them. Well fellow foodies, the time has come.

This week, with a more mature 33 year old perspective, a fakeaway attempt was made to great success! To be fair, I had some help when it came to organising the ingredients, and thus everything was in place to create the masterpiece. From the recent ‘Saturday-night specials’ supplement, I set to making a beef and black bean with egg fried rice. Excitingly, it was amazing! I followed the instructions from the Slimming World book to the letter, so to pass this off as my own just would not be right. That said, I have included a picture of the recipe below for anyone that would like to give it a go.

Beef & Black Bean Recipe

Beef & Black Bean Recip

Overall, I suppose the ‘fakeaway’ boils down to mentality. To me, a takeaway is about tasty and satisfying food, but convenience is also a significant factor. The beef and black bean tastes delicious, but requires more effort and time than one of my normal slimming world meals. Sadly, when tired with little enthusiasm for cooking, this isn’t ideal.

However, I am going to try to incorporate more of these healthy substitutes into my weekly meals. They feel like such a treat when you get them right and I hope that eventually it will help me to stay on plan on a Friday night too. At this stage, I know that I am not ready to quit my Friday night pizza obsession. After a long week at work, Friday feels like a treat night and I am still in the zone of rewarding myself with a takeaway. For now though, I can accept that my weight loss will be slower because I make this choice each week. I do, however, suspect that a time will come where I choose to stay on plan on a Friday night to speed things up a little.

Slimming World – The Fakeaway Result!

Beef & Black Bean

Have you tried any fakeaways with or without success?


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