Slimming World – Vicious Circle

I am in two minds about how things have been Slimming World wise this week. Although there is a bright side, I feel frustrated.  On plan, off plan, on plan, off plan.

My resolve is there, but far from its strongest form and I often find myself in that quandary of YOLO ‘You only live once – have it’ verses ‘you only live once – live it happy’ and losing a few lbs would make me happy. Vicious circle…

Does everyone go through this? On the other hand, is it just me? Then, on top of the frustration of not making any progress, is my exasperation at my lack of willpower.


However, when feeling grotty about it all, I remember my previous Slimming World post with the good advice, aimed at getting us to stop being so hard on ourselves. It is good to be reminded of these things, even if they don’t perform the miracle I wish they would. Said miracle would, of course be being 100% on plan all at all times and loving it! However, the bright side is that I don’t feel that I am back in the rut. The resolve is there and I am on plan at least 50% of the time. Unfortunately, that is far from enough.

My own experience tells me that the time will come when my resolve will strengthen and I will find my stride. The frustration is that, as the summer creeps ever closer, I am not going to feel comfortable and that gives me fear. Just not enough fear it would seem.

Anyway, I shall taking my own advice, drawing a line and move on. Here we are with a fresh week and just 6 weeks until the Isle of Wight Festival. Maybe this week will be the start of further inspiration. Maybe. Hopefully.

As you may have noticed, I have decided to mix things up a bit rather than continue, at this stage, to just list all of the things that I have been eating. Ultimately, being on plan 50% of the time is fine in terms of not putting weight on but boring when it comes to following someone’s Slimming World journey when they are just maintaining. So, next week, I am going to talk about the Slimming World diaries that I have been using.

How are you guys getting on? Are you where you want to be?

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