Slimming World – Week 3

To begin with, things have been wobbly during Slimming World week 3.

I made some big decisions about my life this week, and when combined with the manic work life I lead, these thought-provoking situations can really throw me when it comes to slimming world. With this in mind, I so admire those who can manage the ups and downs in their lives and stay on plan. Don’t get me wrong, there are times when I am so in the zone that I won’t let anything knock me off course, but at times, I lose the plot and all good slimming world will goes out of the window.


‘Never let a stumble in the road also be the end of your journey’


Although I haven’t been entirely off plan this week, but the scatty part of my brain has often taken over. As a result, many of the good choices I made were hungrily devoured before I remember to take a picture. So, I have drawn a line and normal service resumes. I also keep track of my slimming world journey via my Slimming World Instagram account @MissAmyRach_sw and here is a link to my feed.

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Although I haven’t attended a Slimming World group in a long time, I do know that they had a wonderful be kinder to yourself campaign. We so often feel disappointed in ourselves and berate our lack of commitment, but where does that get us? Thus, that has been me over the years and I have been critical of myself in a bid to force myself back on board. However, the reality is that this can sap our own self-worth, confidence and strength. In the same way, not many of us would say those things to another person, so why be so unkind to ourselves? Although I could never see it at first, attempting so-called ‘tough love’, in all likelihood, led to my continued going off track. In fact, I suspect it to be an unconscious attempt to comfort myself from, well, myself!


Remember that you are not alone:

In essence, the fact that you are reading this means you are interested in the journey of others. Similarly, from the very essence of this post, you will know we all fall off plan occasionally. By and large, it is human nature to revert to old habits and indulge in the ‘forbidden’, we all do it.

Sharing your journey, whether through comments on blog posts, attending a slimming world group or setting up your own Slimming World Instagram account can bring you into the community that we are all in together. To demonstrate, I have had many conversations on Instagram with people who are struggling. Even if I am not being an angel myself, I love to support people I don’t even know, to help them to stay strong and in control. These tools are all readily available to us, are amazing and can be used to support my next point too.


Draw a line then move on:

When we go off track we can often feel like a failure. For example, I have often blamed being off plan on certain situations and I still have to remind myself that it doesn’t mean that I have failed or am failing. Instead, as part of the journey, we should enjoy what we have, then draw a line under that it and move on. In fact, my next point can help us do that.


Remember how being on plan makes you feel:

For me specifically, being on plan has a huge effect on my body as it just works better. However, over time I realised that follow the ‘green’ days was causing an issue. For me, carbs lead to sluggish behaviour, in both a physical and emotional sense. Conversely, being on plan, consuming more protein but fewer carbs, makes me feel lighter like I am taking care of myself.

In reality, it is too easy to give in and dial a takeaway after a long day. Fancying some tasty stodge, as something that happens from time to time is ok, everything in moderation and all that. However, as a habit, the impact can be harmful on both physical and mental wellbeing. In contrast, taking the time to remember how being on plan makes me feel can revamp our enthusiasm, inspiring us to get back on track, and that feeling is something I adore.


‘Health is not about the weight you lose, but about the life you gain’


In light of the above, I have chosen to leave weigh in for this week. However, I remain somewhat undecided on whether this is the best plan of action. In my view, seeing the damage can be useful but also gloomy. So, this time I think it best not to know and work towards the next weigh in.

Slimming World Brunch

Above all, we should always remember:


‘A year from now, you will be glad you started today’

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