I have been making videos and blog content about Slimming World for quite some time now but I haven’t shared my progress. For a long time, I have been someone who knows how to do it but have struggled with motivation when it comes to sticking on plan. I, like many people, was restarting my diet every day! That familiar ‘Oh go on then, I will start again tomorrow’. Anyone know what I mean?

Some time ago I weighed myself and felt uneasy about the numbers I saw. I wasn’t sticking to plan at the time but I wasn’t being terrible either. So, when I then weighed myself again at a later date, to find I had put on another 4 to 5 lbs was incredibly disappointing. Yet still, I couldn’t muster the motivation to stick to plan properly.

For me, one of the things I dislike about slimming world is the weigh-in process. The weekly weigh-ins. I am someone whose weight fluctuates by 2lbs just after drinking a cup of tea. And yes, I have actually tested this. I used to weigh myself first thing, (after a wee!) and then drink a cup of tea and weigh myself again. The scales would often show my weight as 1.5 – 2lbs heavier. Unfortunately, Slimming World doesn’t do house calls to weigh people when members first get out of bed and, therefore, I started weighing myself at home.

I have been up and down on the on again off again diet wagon for so long it is hard to differentiate. Each time, I have tried, succeeded for a short time and then failed.  Similarly, a week would often see unexpected results for me and the individual losses always seemed so minuscule. How often has someone told you ‘at least it is in the right direction’ or the classic ‘it’ll come off next week’. It is my belief that much of my failing is due to the psychological impact of the numbers. I am susceptible to those numbers and I very much feel they have an impact on my psychological ability to stay on plan. That or I just have shocking willpower. I realise it could be the latter.

The Good News

Anyway, just recently, I refound my mojo. I am not entirely sure what kickstarted it but if I figure it out I will let you know. Sometimes something just clicks. This time, I decided to do something a little bit different.  So, with the horror of my last weigh-in weighing (geddit!?) heavily in the back of my mind, I got myself back on plan. But I didn’t weigh myself. I just didn’t want to and this seems to have spurred me on. I was tempted, of course, but I didn’t want to experience that familiar disappointment. So I decided to just rely on my clothes to tell me.


Slimming World Recipe - Slimming World Fries

(Would you like to know how to make them? Check out the recipe here)


Finally, about 4  weeks in I decided to weigh myself, albeit on different scales (the others broke). I knew I had lost weight because my clothes had loosened slightly but I wasn’t sure how much. At the time of weighing myself, I had lost just over half a stone. I was surprised and very pleased. In just getting on with it and not weighing myself regularly, life was speeding by and it felt like the loss had happened quickly. However, in the following few days, every visit to the bathroom tempted me back to the scales. My brain would spy the scales and I would hear the familiar question ‘I wonder if I have lost more?’ When you stand back and take stock of this, you know it’s madness.

It is very unlikely the scales will ever register a daily loss. Maybe the pull is just to check it hasn’t gone back on. Either way, I have stuck to my guns and not allowed myself back on. As much as the temptation is there, calling to me like cupcakes do. And I can feel the familiar pull to step back on each day in the hope of seeing the numbers reduce. But that’s not what happens, is it? When you get into that habit, that’s when the disappointment sets in. I have years of experience of this and this time I am taking control. I have resisted. Maybe in another 4 weeks, I will allow myself an update from the scales but not yet. I might even put them away in the cupboard and forget about them whilst I concentrate on living a healthy lifestyle.

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