Welcome to Food Friday! This week I thought I would try something a bit different and attempt a what I eat in a week video rather than just a day.

So this week I have created a food diary of my Friday to Friday week. I haven’t attempted this before and it proved a little tough on the old memory. As you can see from the video I forgot my camera Saturday night and Saturday night off became 48 hours off. Whoops…

Back to basics

But then I got back on it on Monday and that, for me, is the way to do it. Enjoy your time but recommit and stop obsessing by getting back to basics. So this is my slimming world week, not entirely on plan but some good stuff is thrown in. I even started working out again! I know, right!? This is what happens when I lose a little bit of weight and the weather brightens!

The reality is I am just a normal gal trying to lose a bit of chub and slim into some old clothes. But this is real life and whilst I am committed to getting healthy and losing some weight, I also need to live my life. As I explained in my weight loss update post, I haven’t been weighing myself regularly. You can read more about that here but also, one of the benefits of not weighing myself every week is that it takes the pressure off of a night (or day as it can often turn out to be!) off plan. As long as this doesn’t become a prolonged period, I find this a huge help and I love not feeling guilty about going out and enjoying myself on the odd occasion.

So how did you find this vlog? Would you like to see more? If so, let me know. I will get that camera back out and remember to take it with me this time!

For more What I Eat in a Day video content, check out my YouTube Playlist. Alternatively, you can check out my Slimming World content here on my website.

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