Hello and welcome to yet another declutter. This time, although slightly wayward from the KonMari process, I tackled my spare room wardrobe. But what was I going to find in this modern day black hole!

My spare room wardrobe has been this soulless corner of my world for literally years. It sits there quietly, harbouring my past with a vast array of random items. Some of the items in there are used. For example, it wasn’t that long ago (well, doesn’t feel like it!) that I put the Christmas tree and decorations away. There are also photo frames you can see on the shelf and boxes from when I planned to move. That was a few years ago! Buried in the other boxes are contents that evade my memory.


What I do know is that I haven’t been into those boxes in years. And what does that mean? Other than for memories, I don’t use those items and, therefore, I don’t need them! Alas, the time has come to dig in, analyse the contents and decide which if the items really bring me joy. Everything else needs to go.

As part of the declutter I found a number of boxes containing items to form part of future declutters. I found a box of DVDs and video games, a box of books and a box of paper wrapped kitchen items such as mugs and glasses. Those, I kept aside. For those that don’t know, the KonMari method is about bringing all of the same types of items together to declutter. With additional DVDs and video games in my lounge, and a whole kitchen to dissect and refresh, those wardrobe items will be brought together at the appropriate time.

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