So have you ever tried Aldi’s beauty brand, Lacura? Several people I know have tried it and love it, particularly the CC cream. I have bought and used a number of skincare products from the brand but I have never tried their cosmetics. Until now…

A little wander around Aldi recently had me gaping at one of their newer offerings. As my eyes settled on the packaging of these attractive items, comparisons flashed through my mind. Immediately I knew that Aldi had struck again. Here I was looking at Aldi dupes for Benefit, Nars and Charlotte Tilbury.

We have experienced this with Aldi before and have witnessed them create their own versions of Naked Noodles, Slimming World meals and the recent Pixi Glow Tonic alternative. This time, it is makeup.

Although I had recently been on an inadvertent makeup no-buy, the display and packaging of the items were attractive enough to lead to that one specific decision. I was going to try them out.

So of the 6 items available, I opted for 4. I made the choice to leave out the primer and the foundation. This is simply because I haven’t been using much primer recently and I can’t bring myself to try anything else in terms of foundation. MUA currently has my heart and I am tired of wasting money on foundations that do not match my colouring.

Anyway, onto the four that tempted me:

Lacura Aloha Bronzer


HIGHEND ALTERNATIVE: Benefit ‘Hoola’ Bronzer

Here we have lovely packaging that strongly resembles the real thing. However, putting that aside it really looks the part. The shade is on the cooler side and far less orange than anything else I have in my collection currently.

Lacura Blush


HIGHEND ALTERNATIVE: NARS Blusher in the shade Orgasm

Other than the sleek packaging, this would have been the oneproduct that I wouldn’t necessarily have opted for. The gold shimmer in the shade would normally put me off. However, it is far more subtle than I had assumed and it has a great little mirror included.

Too Legit Mascara


HIGHEND ALTERNATIVE: Benefit ‘They’re Real’ Mascara

I love mascara and am always on the hunt for an improvement on my current favourites. Of the 4 products, this was the one I had least expectations of. I am not sure why other than my usual mascara woes. I have talked previously about my mascara journey, the struggles I experience and still needing to find ‘the one’. Many of my lovely YouTube followers suggested the Essence ‘Lash Princess’ Mascara. I tried it, liked it, but it still wasn’t what I was looking for. The brush here is very similar to the Benefit mascara and sports the sticky out end bristles. 

Lacura Broadway Shape & Glow


HIGHEND ALTERNATIVE: Charlotte Tilbury ‘Filmstar Bronze and Glow’

Just look at this. I mean, wow. What a stunning item. The packaging alone is gorgeous but opening the lid displays the beautiful interior. Lovely cool-toned bronze and warmth infused highlight.

So, I tried them all out recently but how did they perform? Many Aldi items have been hits for me but there have also been many misses. Check out my YouTube video to see them in action and find out whether they will become staple favourites, occasional guest appearances or be banished to the bin.  

So what about you guys? Have you tried them and what are your views on how similar the items are to their higher end counterparts? I would love to hear what you think. 


Hello everyone! Where is this year going!? Do you guys feel the same? Back in early February, I uploaded a Primark Haul. Here I showed you a beautiful warm toned palette from Primark’s beauty range. But I didn’t try it for ages whilst I got carried away with panning a palette. Alas, now is the time.