Slimming World - THAT Slimming World Hiatus

Slimming World – THAT Slimming World Hiatus

So, who is with me!?
‘For what?’ I hear you cry… or maybe you just think it whilst looking a little confused…

Well, ambling along behind the Slimming World bandwagon, of course! Watching it disappear off in a cloud of dust (I have a western type horse-drawn wagon in mind as I write this… *shrugs*)

That Slimming World Hiatus -Quesadilla
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Slimming World - Hot! Hot! Hot! - Featured Image

Slimming World – Hot! Hot! Hot!

Wow, what a week it has been for temperatures in the UK. Hot! Hot! Hot! And it would seem that this little bout of sunshine and warmth has made me forget all about Slimming World. Well, kind of. That was a bit of an exaggeration but you wouldn’t think so by looking at this:

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Slimming World - Freezer issues

Slimming World – Freezer issues

And here is my countdown for this week! Only two brown boxes – yay! I so admire those of you that remain on plan all of the time. However, as with last week, I have been good on the ‘brown’ days and it has mostly been just my evening meal that has been off plan.

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Breakfast, Lunch & Low FODMAP shopping Featured Image

Breakfast, Lunch & Low FODMAP shopping!

For those of you interested in Low FODMAP living but have not yet checked out my YouTube channel, here is one my vlogs on breakfast, lunch & low FODMAP shopping. I hope this will help you when considering the Low FODMAP lifestyle. At the beginning of my journey, I found it useful to hear the experiences of others, so here are some of mine.

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Slimming World - Taking My Own Advice

Slimming World – Taking My Own Advice

Have you been following my Tuesday Slimming posts, also known as my Slimming World Journey? If so, you will know that, since Christmas, I went from doing great (for a very short time!), slipped into a rut, got back in the game and then found myself in tug of war with life which led to being on plan often, but straying regularly enough to sabotage any weight loss.

Slimming World - Taking My Own Advice

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