Affordable Beauty Haul | Poundland, Collection & H&M

Affordable Beauty Haul | Poundland, Collection & H&M

I recently went shopping as I needed a couple of products for something I am working on at the moment. Combine new things with some less recent purchases, and you have this affordable beauty haul!

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Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul Featured Image

Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul

Who doesn’t love Makeup Revolution? This brand produces some fantastic high-quality products at drugstore prices and availability. Here is my Youtube video detailing some of the products I recently purchased along with some from Freedom! Apologies that it is a little close-up and dark!

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TK Maxx Candles

TK Maxx Candles

I have a bit of an obsession with TK Maxx candles at the moment. The candle section is like a little treasure trove and you just never know what you are going to find. You will note from the range of candles here that I have a tendency to choose fresh, fruity scents but this is not always the case.

TK Maxx Candle Collection

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W7 Haul Thumbnail

W7 Haul

W7 Haul Thumbnail

To begin with, if you have seen any of my previous YouTube videos about W7, you will know that I am a big fan of the brand. The packaging is not always to my taste, but the products are affordable and, for the most part, good quality. I have picked up the odd W7 product in the time since my previous W7 videos but some clever Twitter advertising combined with my ongoing approval of the cosmetics, recently prompted an excited perusal of the internet for new (to me) items. Thus, many buttons were clicked and a number of subsequent confirmation emails received from Amazon as part of this W7 haul. Happily, all of the transactions were straightforward and delivery was prompt too.

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Makeup Academy (MUA) Haul

MUA Haul Thumbnail

Firstly, welcome to my MUA Haul! In my view, Makeup Academy (MUA) sits within the realms of Makeup Revolution and W7 as a fantastic range of quality products at very affordable prices. In short, I love it. Don’t get me wrong, luxury brand items are beautiful and some are well worth the expensive price tag, but with so many people in the world unable to afford that level of living, my heart lies with the amazing ranges that are available to us to purchase without having to break the bank.

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