Slimming World Recipe - Garlic & Balsamic Tomatoes - Featured Image

Slimming World Recipe – Garlic & Balsamic Tomatoes

Tomatoes. Low FODMAP (easier on the digestion) and speed food on the Slimming World plan. What's not to like? I personally love tomatoes, even served simply sliced and sprinkled with salt. However, to switch things up a little, these tangy tomatoes are super tasty and make a wonderful accompaniment to many meals. In particular, they would work well with Hassleback Potatoes and Loaded Potato Skins.

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Breakfast, Lunch & Low FODMAP shopping!

For those of you interested in Low FODMAP living but have not yet checked out my YouTube channel, here is one my vlogs on breakfast, lunch & low FODMAP shopping. I hope this will help you when considering the Low FODMAP lifestyle. At the beginning of my journey, I found it useful to hear the experiences of others, so here are some of mine.