Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul Featured Image

Makeup Revolution & Freedom Haul

Who doesn’t love Makeup Revolution? This brand produces some fantastic high-quality products at drugstore prices and availability. Here is my Youtube video detailing some of the products I recently purchased along with some from Freedom! Apologies that it is a little close-up and dark!

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Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas

Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas

MUR Title Pic

So, Makeup Revolution 12 Days of Christmas. First off, the box is beautiful. Matte black with the brand’s signature rose gold detail, this time with a lovely intricate design across the lid of the box. In the Inside, again in rose gold, the box reaffirms our inner mantra that ‘YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TOO MUCH MAKEUP’. This made me happy to know I was right all along…

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