Hello everyone! Where is this year going!? Do you guys feel the same? Back in early February, I uploaded a Primark Haul. Here I showed you a beautiful warm toned palette from Primark’s beauty range. But I didn’t try it for ages whilst I got carried away with panning a palette. Alas, now is the time.


Primark Haul – February 2018 | Beauty, Lifestyle, Fashion

Good day to you my friends. Today I have a Primark haul to share with you all… (poet!) and I have been super happy with all of these items so far! Interested to see what I got?

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Primark ‘Just Peachy’ Eyeshadow Palette

With it being the time of year for warm tones, Primark released their own version of a peach palette. As you may have seen in my recent(ish) Primark haul, I decided that I would like to add it to my collection. Inside are 9 warm and wonderful looking shadows.

Primark 'Just Peachy' Eyeshadow Palette

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Orange Sun & Sepia Inspired Primark Eyes

Orange Sun & Sepia Inspired Primark Eyes

So, who experienced the strange sepia world last week? With a Saharan desert dust cloud whipped up and wafted our way, we experienced a dark, dusky sepia day which turned the sun into an orange ball of flame! With such beautiful, if eerie, colours affecting our skies, I felt inspired to use the scheme as a base for a makeup look. So, here are my Orange Sun & Sepia Inspired Primark Eyes:

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