After my Skinade trial, my skin felt a little bereft of hydration. I missed the daily drink, which seemed to be keeping my skin supple and hydrated throughout the colder months and the seemingly incessant bouts of illness. Soon after, I happened across the opportunity to try some new products. The items are aimed at treating dry and eczema-prone skin by rehydrating and protecting it from irritants.


W7 On The Rocks

Blogmas 2017 – Day 17 – Christmas Came Early – W7 On The Rocks – ABH Subculture Dupe?

Have you guys seen this yet? The W7 ‘On The Rocks’ palette looks like a relatively ‘unpopular’ Anastasia Beverly Hills palette. Could this be a dupe? Could this be better?

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Glam Glow Dupes - Aldi Lacura vs Primark

Glam Glow Dupes – Aldi Lacura vs Primark

Are you into face masks? Everyone else seems to be! I tend to use mud masks when I get into the bath. I like to layer the mask on with a brush, leave it for the recommended time and then use some water to loosen the mask and massage it into my skin.

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The Calorie Club

The Calorie Club Updated Products Review

If you follow my blog, you may know that I previously reviewed a food diary. This particular food diary was created by a company called The Calorie Club. I had, at the time, been Instagramming my Slimming World journey and had discovered, the Slimming World Community. The community was talking a lot about food diaries, and new diaries, with pretty and inspiring front covers, were all the rage. To find out more, check out my YouTube video:

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