Beanies Coffee Review

Beanies Flavoured Coffee Review

I just ‘like’ coffee. I know a lot of you love coffee and for some, it is an integral part of the day; the bazillions of Costas and Starbucks lining our streets attain to that! However, I just like it and, actually, I prefer instant coffee to anything else. Here is my Youtube video with all the details on Beanies.

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Skincare Routine

Simple & Effective Skincare Routine

I have never had a complex skincare routine and I think this stems from the basic routine my mum always followed. This literally consisted of soap, water and then moisturiser. As time has passed, I have developed my routine and although it remains pretty simple, I have established which products keep my skin clear and supple.

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W7 Eye Products

W7 Eyes Review

When it comes to eyes, I often find it a little difficult to review primers and shadows. I am yet to find a product that truly stands its ground when it comes to the oil on my eyelids and I often feel that I am unable to give a ‘normal’ opinion that will be helpful to the masses. However, I can only provide information relating to my experience of the products and with eyelids that defy most cosmetics, if I can find one that works then we know it is a good one.

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