Food Friday – My Top 5 Slimming World Tips

Welcome to another Food Friday! As a long time Slimming World slave who remains a fan of the healthy eating plan, I sat and reflected on the things I have learned in the 11 years since I first joined.  Although the learning is vast, a few particular points stand out so I thought I would share my top tips.


Happiness is... Relaxing. 10 Ways to Relax

Happiness is… Relaxing | 10 ways to relax

Hello everyone and welcome to another instalment of my Happiness is... series. Stress is such a big part of our lives these days, with so many priorities and responsibilities and so relaxation can take a back seat. Even when people try to relax, they can feel lazy, guilty and/or selfish for taking time for themselves. If you are anything like me, you need a measure of both pressure and chill time, and with stress also being such a widespread health concern, we need to forget the negative thoughts about relaxing and accept that we need to achieve some balance.


Understanding our stress reactions

Happiness is… Understanding our stress reactions

As we have previously discussed, stress is an inevitable part of our lives. Key to moving through these times and staying happy is to find ways to effectively manage the negative stress that we experience. For me, the first step is to understand ourselves and recognise where and how we are. So today I am going to talk about my own experience in the hope that you may find this relatable, or as things to keep an eye on as a preventative measure.


Happiness is... loving the little things

Happiness is… loving the little things

In my last video called 'being mindful', I talked about mindfulness, and how being mindful is a way to train our emotional resilience. This, in turn, helps us to stay happy. One of the tips I mentioned was to notice the little things and as for me, happiness is... loving the little things, here are some of the little things that I love.