Hello everyone! Today I am testing a palette I bought from Wish! At £4, it travelled from foreign climes into the palm of my hands and now it is time to put it to the test.

A little bit of context

For a while, I have been considering the purchase of a palette with bright colours. I have the Makeup Revolution Acid Brights palette but it is a little too acidic for the ideas I have. I was keen to find something with rich, strong colours in brighter, less neutral shades.

So, whilst perusing Wish, I happened across a selection of palettes. The range included neutral sets but the bright version caught my eye. Unfortunately, my experience with cosmetics purchased though Wish has been disappointing so far. As a result, this time I was hoping for more.

Having seen a stunning eye look on Pinterest recently, the mission to recreate it began. Hues of yellow and rich browns produced a striking outcome and with the palette looking so promising, I dipped the brush.

The Test

As you will see from the video, it took a good range of shadows to build up the colour. When it came to the creme de la creme of the look, the yellow, it proved disappointing. Whilst the shadows blend nicely, they bend away very easily. Similarly, the darker shades took a while to achieve a good depth of colour which surprised me somewhat.

Check out the video to see how I went about it but, ultimately, the end result was neutral and wearable. One thing I would say is that the intensity of the colour had worn away by the time I filmed the intro and the outro. I filmed those sections straight after completing the eye look so this was incredibly disappointing. Recent eye shadow palettes I have tested for the same price, such as Primark’s Amber Palette have been far superior.

As a final thought, I swatched some of the brighter colours and they appeared to give stronger results. This, I may give this palette another go and create something with the stronger colours. Perhaps I will fare better but I suspect that the colours will still blend away. We can but try. As it stands, I am still on the fence about makeup purchased through Wish… I certainly haven’t been wowed. And so, the search for an inexpensive brightly coloured palette continues… any suggestions?

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