Some of you may know that I am undertaking a life declutter. I’m not sure what kicked it off other than one of my friends saying how much she loved watching declutter videos. It made me feel inspired to look at my own little world and the idea of reducing the things I own was seriously appealing.

As a result, I have sequentially moved through the different aspects of my belongings, considering the items and conducting an assessment as to whether they are special enough to stay. if you fancy catching up on where things so far, head over to my decluttering playlist here.

Minimalism Amino

Alongside this, one of my lovely YouTube followers introduced me to an additional decluttering world. Have you heard of Minimalism Amino? Minimalism Amino is a community, forum, and chat platform for minimalists; an app you download. Here you can connect with other minimalists, discuss and share your own approach, obtain advice and learn. It is certainly worth taking a look.

Lucy herself has her own blog on the app, so, if you are interested in additional declutter inspiration, head over there and check her out.  You can find her by searching lucyd1982. Lucy has so many great ideas, challenging herself regularly to keep on top of things at home and satisfy that declutter craving.

What next?

Whilst undertaking my declutter process, a question sat, relatively quietly, but always there in the back of my mind. This question related to what I might do when my decluttering runs out. I make weekly declutter videos and love to do so, so what if I had nothing left to consider?

I mentioned a few times that I would be looking through my boyfriend’s possessions. As I explained, I had discussed the situation with him and he was completely happy for me to declutter his life too. However, when I really looked at his place in the world, I realised that, actually, he leads a pretty clutter free life anyway. A win in itself, of course, but it left me feeling a little stumped.

The next phase

Then, as part of an ongoing conversation and being the declutter queen that she is, Lucy introduced me to the world of the decluttering challenge. Lucy explained to me that the declutter challenge works by decluttering a number of items that correspond to the date of the month. So, on the first of the month, you declutter 1 thing, on the second you declutter 2 items and so on. We discussed the idea that decluttering in November means there is space for an influx of items at Christmas. Then, in January, undertake the challenge again in a bid to clear up after the Christmas shenanigans as a way to establish a fresh start for the year ahead. This, to me, sounds like a great idea.

What makes this even more exciting is the potential of not only clearing up from my own belongings but also those of Mark’s (the Boyf) and this includes children’s toys! Decluttering children’s toys, if you have children in your life, isn’t that just the dream?

Anyway, the anticipation is real but with it comes a little apprehension. Will I be able to achieve it? I am currently debating how the November challenge will unfold. Time will tell but I am very much looking forward to it. Do you have decluttering plans this year? Do you undertake any decluttering challenges? Tell us in the comments so that we can join in because literally…


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  1. I really like idea of declutteringto the number corresponding with month because right before Christmas you’ll have room for the new things to come. I just write a post on cleaning out your closet. The minimized lifestyle teaches you to focus on the necessities and I plan to embrace that way of thinking a bit more.

    Natonya |

  2. I have been trying to de-clutter so much over the past few months but I definitely still have a long way to go! I just cant seem to let go of things…
    I had no idea that there were YouTube vids on this kind of thing, think I’m going to indulge in them tonight!!
    Great post Amy!


  3. love this! I was forced to declutter when moving country, it was great! but now I’m slowly adding stuff, and it’s beginning again 😂 hope you have better luck than me 💛

    xx Emma B

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