The Seasonal Palette – Autumn/Fall 2017

How do you feel about makeup trends? I often find myself out of alignment but also like to find ways to incorporate the trends into my taste and style. This autumn, I have created two example looks and to see how I put them together, check out my YouTube video.

Investigating the Autumn/Fall makeup trends this year brought some rather surprising, and wide-ranging, results. Ethereal skin features heavily but largely, minimal makeup prevailed alongside creations made to look barely there.

Mostly focused on the eyes, we see sweeping electrics, graphic detail, block shadows, smudged lines and red rims. Predominantly, these trends are somewhat outside of the comfort zone of my understated self. However, it seemed that two patterns emerged from the melee. Soft coloured eyes paired with bold berry lips and soft neutral lips with striking eyes. Happily, both of these are very much my style. In addition, I was happy to see lots of smoky eyes, and the aforementioned smudged lines I can do. So, having perused my makeup collection, here are the colours and a couple of example looks that I will be making use of this season.


Ethereal Skin

For me, this entails a minimal canvas with highlights and pink tints.

L’Oreal Lumi Magique Pure Light Primer


A pearlescent liquid, which is really quite runny in consistency. I don’t use this as a primer in the longevity sense, but as a glowy base it is fantastic.

Makeup Revolution Ultra Strobe Cream


I love this as a base for makeup. It gives a subtle golden illumination to the skin and gives my foundation something to stick to. You also don’t need very much product which means it will last you some time.

Sleek Face Form in Fair


A classic and beauty blogger favourite from days gone by. The highlighter in Sleek’s Face Form is perfect for creating an ethereal glow and with a price tag of £9.99 (including a blush colour and contour) won’t break the bank.

Makeup Revolution merged highlighter in the Golden Sugar Palette


This is a bright, shimmery highlight for those days when you really want to pep up your skin. A beautiful product, which is easily blended for a more subtle look, it contains a slight golden sparkle and should be treated gently due to its heavy pigmentation.

W7 Brightening Face Powder in Candy Floss


Pink is in this season and this powder can be used to provide a subtle rosy flush or built into a stronger pink blush.

Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter in Peach Lights


With good pigmentation, this highlighter is an icy-toned pink iridescent shimmer. As soon as I read ethereal in my trend research, I thought of this product. Day to day, this highlighter goes untouched for me, but mostly this is because I tend to opt for colours other than pink. Having said that, when I do use it, it is a lovely product. Buildable and smooth to apply, this absolutely has its place in my seasonal palette.


Smoky Eyes

The timeless smoky eye is relatively easy to create and I aim to pair deep browns and black with the classic autumnal colours. So, in the absence of the new naked Heat palette (which looks to die for), I have a couple of affordable palettes, which include a fantastic range for autumn-inspired eyes.

W7 Beat it


This palette screams autumn at me. With just three matte shades, the shimmery, glittery tones of this palette reflect the cooler weather and seasonal rusty colours. For a closer look at the palette, check out my W7 Eyes Review.

Freedom Stunning Smokes Palette


Combine the W7 palette with the warm tones of Freedom’s Stunning Smokes, and you then have everything you need to create an assortment of autumnal smoky eyes.

Makeup Revolution Flawless Matte Palette


For those preferring matte creations, this is one of my favourite palettes for base colours and crafting the building blocks for deeper, more extravagant eye looks.


Neutral Lips

W7 Skinny Lipping in ‘Arty’

£5.95 (or £3 in Peacocks).

For a nude matte finish, these liquid lipsticks are comfortable, long lasting and very affordable.


Berry Lips

Collection Velvet Kiss Lip Cream in Mulberry


A richly pigmented matte lip cream for just £2.99, this product is comfortable to wear and lasts incredibly well. Perfect for bold berry lips.

Makeup Gallery Shine On Lip Gloss in Cranberry Crush


For those preferring shine, then this Poundland lip-gloss has a rich moisturising formula in a pretty cranberry shade. Therefore, a steal at just £1.

MUA Sweet Sheen Lip Balm in Cherry Bomb


For a more subtle wash of colour, this lip balm is very comfortable and moisturising but pigmented enough to create subtle autumnal berry lips.

How do you incorporate trends into your makeup? Or do you just stick with your favourites?

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