In this day and age, most people seem to doubt whether it’s even possible to be happy in your career. Does that sound familiar to you? I had a love/hate relationship with my career for a long time and in the end, I opted for change. However, even if you’re fairly content, there are factors to consider in order to get more out of your career. Eventually, they may even contribute to sustained happiness and fulfilment with the work you do each day. Wouldn’t that be fantastic? To love the job you do 5 days of the week?


Find Variety in Your Work

They say variety is the spice of life, and in a work capacity that is certainly true for me. We’re all different, of course, but if you’re like me, in a role lacking varied and interesting work that’s capable of holding your attention, you could become bored and grow to hate your job. If you find this happening, some of the points in this article may be useful to consider. Many positions offer a varied and dynamic role, but understanding your individual preferences will assist you in finding the right role.


Speak Up

I spent a number of years working in HR striving for fair and equal treatment for all. If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable with something that has happened or a behaviour that is simply not acceptable at work, it’s up to you to speak out and make your voice heard. You could call the Acas Helpline for advice or simply raise an internal complaint. Check out your organisation’s policies to understand your options but whatever you do, don’t just sit by and do nothing. You will never be happy with your career if you accept unacceptable, unfair, or inappropriate issues.


Play to Your Strengths

It might sound obvious, but doing something you’re good at tends to be far more satisfying and rewarding than something you’re not so hot at. Pursuing a career in something you’re not so good at may be a challenge, but this could cause significant issues for both yourself and your employer in the long run.


Accept that people are different

This is a tricky one because often, you don’t get to choose the people you work with. Working is not just about going to an office and working for 8 hours a day. It’s also about interacting and collaborating with the other people around you. It’s so much harder to be happy with your career when you’re working with people you simply don’t like. Appreciating that everyone has different skills, traits and nuances (within reason!) can help manage your relationships at work and free you to enjoy the work you do. Many of us can relate to this situation and if you do too, this article about realistic approaches to dealing with relationships at work may help.

Consider Your Work-Life Balance

A crucial element of employment is ensuring the strongest work-life balance as possible. Even if you like your job, spending disproportionate amounts of time doing it is not going to be good for you over the long-term. Believe me, I know. Not only have I been there myself, but I have watched others experience the same. This can lead to heightened stress levels and potential burnout. Focus on the things that are most important to you and try to keep work within regular working hours.


I am all about happiness which is why I embarked on my happiness is series. Keeping these tips in mind can help improve your career happiness and overall wellbeing. Employment and the associated factors can be a minefield but it’s not impossible to be happy at work. Understand the organisation’s expectations, take the right steps and be proactive in your attempts to achieve career happiness. Work consumes a huge proportion of life for many of us, imagine how amazing it would be to be happy both at work and at play.

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