Hello everyone and welcome to a sneaky little addition to my Slimming World content, all about treating yourself in the world of Instagram #TreatYoSelf. Be warned, that Instagram tag leads to drooly images of very high syn food. However, one of the reasons for writing is that I have recently found myself behaving much better when it comes to staying on plan and one of the reasons for doing so is treating myself when I need to.

One of the things I love about the Slimming World plan is that you can eat naughty stuff and have a little treat every day. This is perfect if you need a little something sweet or salty to get you through. For me, I find I need little treats regularly. Of course, these treats do have to be within your allowance in order to protect your weight loss. Your allowance is 10- 15 syns per day which equates to 200- 300 calories. This is on top of your free foods and healthy extras.

Now, my Slimming World journey is very, and I mean very, varied. Some days I stick to free foods, others I use most of my syn allowance by lunchtime. With such a changeable approach, it is useful to be aware of a range of synned treats to accommodate your individual routine. With all that in mind, I have collated a little guide to some satisfying treats to tuck into without blowing your syn allowance. Read on to find out more.



Chocolate has a surprisingly high number of syns but if you are super disciplined during the day and stick to free food, you can spend your syns with a full-size chocolate bar. Doing so can help you to feel that you are not dieting, just making better choices. I once read that a lady shed about 5 stone but still ate a Cadbury’s Creme Egg every single day! I am not as super-disciplined as I would like but when you can get your head around this concept, it can be very powerful.

Cadburys’ Whispers are a good bet as these only costs 11 syns, a Twirl comes in at 8 (for both fingers) while Curly Wurlys are just 6. You can even enjoy a standard size bar of Galaxy or Dairy Milk for 12 syns. This, of course, leaves three syns left over for other things!

Another alternative is to split your syns.  You can opt for a chocolate Mini Milk ice cream for 1.5 syns, an Aldi Twist lolly for 2.5, a Freddo for 5 or even a few Mikado chocolate coated biscuits for a tiny 0.5 syns per piece. Use all of your syns on a mixture of treats, throw in a few syn free strawberries and raspberries and you can achieve a big plate of goodies and not exceed your allowance. Or, as a shameless plug, you could try out my chocolate truffle recipe. These are just so, so good, and also easy on the tum!


Sometimes having a nice drink can be as satisfying as a snack. This is a wonderful thing because there are many fabulous drinks that you can treat yourself to on Slimming World that are low or entirely free in syns.

It can also be a great idea to get some good teas and fine coffees in. I have talked about Beanies Coffee’s in the past but there are also speciality varieties like the ones on offer from Two Chimps. You can drink most coffees for free and still feel like you are having a decent treat.

Then there are the diet drinks. You can have as much of as you like of most Sugar-Free or No Added Sugar varieties. My faves cold drinks are the moment are Morrison’s own brand selection of fizzy drinks. I realise that you should consume fizzy drinks in moderation, but a lovely glass of cold cherryade for a change feels like a treat and their flavour is great.

Alternatively, don’t forget you can make a mean hot chocolate with an Options, Highlights other low syn variety. If you use the milk as part of your HEX A choices you are only looking at about two syns! With this teeny syn value, you can afford to add a little-reduced fat whipped cream on top. This would set you back just two syns for 12.5g. Sprinkle 10 mini marshmallows (1 syn) to melt in and you could even pop a biscuit or two on the side. Oreos are only 2.5 syns each and the Oreo thins are just 1.5 each.


I love cheese. As you will most likely be aware, you can have cheese for your HEX A choice. However, as cheese is one of the most delicious things on earth it can help to know about some of the syn values as well, just in case you need an extra piece or two! This also presents a problem when considering milk in hot drinks. Using your milk in hot drinks means less allowance for cheese! You want some on your lunch and maybe again for dinner! What to do?

Reduced fat cheddar is probably my most used form of cheese. 40g of this tasty stuff is your healthy extra or a 6 syn equivalent. I tend to grate it very finely to make it go further but some days is still isn’t enough! Parmesan and Grana Padano are low in syns at 1.5 per grated tbsp. Of course, these cheeses make a perfect topping on pasta but there is an interesting alternative. How about using a silicone mat to make some quick and straightforward cheese crisps? You can just imagine munching that you can munch while watching a film and if you have saved your HEX A choice they are effectively syn free!

I’m going to stop now. All this talk is making me hungry and I have only just eaten my dinner! What are your favourite treats? Got any handy hints to share?

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