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When it comes to eyes, I often find it a little difficult to review primers and shadows. I am yet to find a product that truly stands its ground when it comes to the oil on my eyelids and I often feel that I am unable to give a ‘normal’ opinion that will be helpful to the masses. However, I can only provide information relating to my experience of the products and with eyelids that defy most cosmetics, if I can find one that works then we know it is a good one.

Thankfully, W7 products have previously been good at producing quality eye products at affordable prices.



Lemon Meringue Anti Redness Primer


This cream product provides very good coverage, immediately covering any pigmentation of the skin.

W7 Eye Products

With just a layer of primer and a thin layer of a highly pigmented Makeup Academy eyeshadow, my eye makeup had creased significantly when I checked at 2pm. The same then happened on a day when using shadows from a Freedom palette. However, when used as part of my ‘oily eyelids routine’, it worked really well and I was very, very pleased with it. I am going to do a separate post about how I tackle my oily eyelids and this product is likely to feature because when used in layers, it is incredibly effective.


Get Set Primer – White

Similar roduct (different shade):http://amzn.to/2HXm7Cx

W7 Eye Products

Similar to the Lemon Meringue primer in terms of coverage, this primer creates a soft but slightly tacky base to lay eyeshadow over. I experienced the same problem when it came to just using one layer of the product on bare eyelids with shadow over the top. By lunchtime it had creased and was disappearing rapidly. However, when used having prepared my eyelids fully, it provided great coverage, creating a solid base to intensify the vibrancy of the shadow colours.




Bronze Queen Eyeshadow Palette


W7 Eye Products

Packaged in a brown case with gold typography this palette is, for me, the nicest of W7’s palette designs yet. The ones that I have tried anyway. The product has a dual ended brush tool inside with a sponge applicator on one end and relatively fluffy brush on the other. I don’t tend to use sponge applicators but the brush end has been come in handy.

W7 Eye Products

With medium strength pigmentation, this palette is mostly matte and, unfortunately, has considerable fallout from some of the shades. If you are using this palette to create a smoky eye, I would strongly suggest completing your eyes before applying base products. There are no names to the shades in this palette but it contains 5 mattes across a range of neutrals, 1 pretty champagne shadow and a sheer, sparkly glitter.

W7 Eye Products

Unfortunately I was somewhat disappointed by this product as I think the packaging had lured me into thinking it was something special. Most definitely not a waste of money as the shades can achieve some pretty looks, but this certainly isn’t the best offering I have tried from W7.


Beat It! Eyeshadow Palette


W7 Eye Products

This palette is presented in the popular rose gold and is designed in the same way as other W7 palettes. Unfortunately, the aluminium tins are not particularly hard wearing and are susceptible to breakage, as evidenced by my In the Buff palette.

However, this is a lovely palette with a range of attractive neutral shades and good colour payoff.  As with most affordable palettes, the more metallic shades are the most heavily pigmented and I found the colours to blend nicely to create some very effective eye looks.

W7 Eye Products

There are 3 matte shades in the palette, Big A, a light cream, Moon Shadow, a light caramel and Late Again, a very dark grey to black. The shadows are soft, blend nicely together and could be deepened in colour with a little extra effort. In terms of fallout, the volume from each shadow is variable. The matte shades, The Full Monty, and the lightly sparkling Candle Light are the worst offenders. All of the shades in the palette are gorgeous and, aside from those with the worst fallout, are buttery and leave a pretty, frosted finish. I teamed these shadows with the lemon meringue primer and, on occasion, with the Makeup Revolution Aqua Seal primer. Having layered my primers effectively, the pigmentation of the shadows was more intense and the lasting power extended significantly.

W7 Eye Products

The palette comes with the standard dual ended brush tool, as with all of the palettes packaged in this format and incorporates both a sponge applicator and fine brush. I never find these tools particularly useful and tend to make use of my other brushes to apply.

This palette is available for £9.95 on the W7 website via the link above, however, I paid just £3.69 for mine on Amazon plus £1.01 delivery.£4.70 is a steal!


In the City Eyeshadow Palette


W7 Eye Products

In the city is an eyeshadow palette containing 6 matte shades and is a dupe for Urban Decay’s Naked Basics 2 palette. The packing is presented nicely in an olive coloured tin with cream typography; both lovely colours so very appealing to me.

The palette retails for £6.95 on the W7 website but is also available through a variety of online outlets. I managed to purchase mine from Amazon for just £1.19 via Amazon plus 99p for delivery. Bargain!

W7 Eye Products

Oddly, the shades on the back of the tin are quite different to the actual eye colours. However, inside you will find a range of soft neutral colours:

  • Wigwam is a pale champagne

  • Troy is a soft nude hue

  • Brass, a light taupe

  • Touch is a soft brown

  • Autumn a greyish brown

  • Andrea is a dark charcoal grey

W7 Eye Products

In terms of performance, I was really quite impressed with these shadows. When used in conjunction with the W7 Lemon meringue Eyelid primer, they lasted well. In comparison, as matte shades from an affordable brand they held up well. In particular, there was considerably less fallout than the matte shades in the Bronze Queen palette.

I have also reviewed additional W7 eye palettes. Here is my YouTube video talking about the In the Buff, In the Buff: Lightly Toasted and In the Nude:

And that is my review of these W7 eye products. Have you tried any before? How did you find them?

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