W7 First Impressions – Major Matte and Glowcomotion

Hello everyone and welcome to yet more W7 related content. This time I am taking a first look at three new (to me) W7 products.

  • Major Matte Eyeshadow Palette (Dupe for Too Faced’s Natural Matte Palette)

  • Glowcomotion – Shimmer, Highlighter, Eyeshadow (Dupe for The Balm’s Mary Lou-Manizer)

  • Super Precision Extra Fine Eyeliner Pen


Major Matte Eyeshadow Palette


The Major Matte palette really is a lovely palette, on first use. For me and my taste in rich warm colours, this suits me perfectly. The mix of colours was exactly what I was looking for and they blended easily when creating the makeup look. Check out the video for a demonstration.

On this first occasion, I used four of the colours. To begin with, I started with the lightest shade as a base. Then I used the centre colour on the bottom row as a warm transition shade in the crease. I then took the rich brown on the bottom right of the palette to deepen the outer corner and lid. Finally, I used the cooler chocolate shade directly above to deepen the look in the outer corner. The lightest shade produced the most fallout but it wasn’t a huge amount and is somewhat expected from more affordable matte shades. I experienced less fallout and good pigmentation from the darker shades. Overall an absolute success and very pleasing.

There is also the designation as being a dupe for one of Too Faced’s eyeshadow palettes, Natural Mattes. In the absence of the Two Faced palette, I have been inspecting some images online. Although the layout and shades are similar, Major Matte appears warmer in tone, so couldn’t be considered an exact match.




W7’s Glowcomotion Highlighter is often offered as an alternative to The Balm’s Mary-Lou Manizer. For me, the size and quality are impressive. It is a large pan so there is lots of product to last you. On this occasion, I used the Glowcomotion on the eyelid to add a little shimmer to the eye look. It offered a subtle shimmer to the eye which paired well with the colours used from the Major Matte Palette.

On the cheekbones, a quick sweep of the product gave a subtle shimmer and additional dustings ramped up the glow. The golden tone of this product is a winner for me. The only downside was the packaging but this is something I often find with W7 and is a minor detail. I love the range and quality of their products but the packaging is never really to my taste. This time, things are plain and simple, but I would have liked something a little more detailed. Each to their own though and it is impossible to please everyone. Overall, a great product and I am looking forward to incorporating it into future looks.


Super Precision Extra Fine Eyeliner Pen


On the first inspection, this product looked right up my alley. On first use, I fell in love. The precision tip worked well and I found it easy to draw a thin line (something I don’t always manage) and a small and neat flick (also not always manageable!). Colour flowed well from the pen with good pigmentation. The test now comes in terms of durability and whether it can withstand the oil and watering my eyes so often present. This, of course, remains to be seen but I was very, very happy with my first use.

As you will no doubt sense, my first impressions of all three of these products have been good. They will, of course, require further testing to ensure a proper road test, but I have been very happy with the initial result from each.

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Have you tried any of these products? What are your thoughts?

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W7 First Impressions

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