Hello everyone on this wonderful Wednesday. I hope that you are having a good day wherever you may be. Today I am talking about the W7 Major Matte palette in response to requests received from my lovely YouTube subscribers.

A wee while ago, I mentioned the W7 Major Matte palette in both a W7 Haul and a W7 First Impressions post and those that follow me on my YouTube Channel have requested a tutorial video demonstrating looks that can be created with this palette. And so I put some looks together.


Palette Review

The fallout isn’t too bad. Although when you dip the brush in, the powdery shadows do make things seem a bit messy, I don’t experience much falling onto my cheeks when applying the shadows. In terms of value for money, I found this on Amazon for £1.99 which is pretty incredible. The prices do vary on Amazon but, personally, I would pay more for this no problem. Here it is for £4.96: http://amzn.to/2GoyAih

W7 Major Matte

The shadows give the impression that they will last in terms of how quickly they might be used up. I have used it loads and haven’t used much of the individual shadows. In addition, the shadows last all day, even on my oily eyelids. I talk about it more in my oily eyelids post, but when my eyelids are prepared properly with primer and a good dusting of translucent powder, the shades last all day.

The pigmentation is relatively average but it doesn’t take long to achieve the desired depth of colour. The colours are easily blended together and I find that I don’t spend a huge amount of time trying to make sure things look even and blended. It happens quite quickly and for a non-makeup artist creating a makeup look, this is a bit plus point.

Look One

A neutral look perfect for daytime.

Look Two

Warmer orange tones for a brighter eye.

Look Three

Darker neutrals for a smokier look.

Final thoughts

Finally, I have had lovely comments from my YouTube subscribers asking what I have on my eyes. More often than not, it is a look I have created using this palette. If people are telling me my makeup is lovely, then it’s a sure sign that there are positives about a palette. Combine this with the additional factors above and you have got yourself a fabulous little eyeshadow palette. Well worth the money in my opinion.

Do you have this W7 Major Matte palette? What are your thoughts?

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W7 Major Matte - 3 looks 1 palette FI


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