Hello everyone and welcome to Food Friday for this week. Today I thought I would share some updated thoughts on my Slimming World Journey because, well, this is a journey. It has its ups and downs and a journey is never completely straightforward…

In my Slimming World Update – Apr 18 (published on 6 April 2018), I shared that I had managed to lose 7lbs. This had taken me about 5 weeks. I also talked about the fact that I am not partaking in weekly weigh-ins and my reasons for doing so. This is something that is still going well for me and although it is tempting to just step on more regularly, I am finding it to be worth the effort of resisting.

Then, on the 4 May during my What I Eat In A Week post, I shared that the total loss had risen to 12lbs in total. So, a loss of 12lbs in about 9 weeks is pretty good in my book. I am not sure what happened after that but when I more recently weighed myself on 31 May (4 weeks later), things had slowed down. I say not sure what happened, there were just too many days where the little low syn treats in the cupboard got the better of me. However, during that time I had still managed to lose a further 2 and a half lbs making my total loss 1 stone and half lbs. Or 14 and a half lbs if you prefer. For me, a loss of 14.5 lbs in 13 weeks is unheard of.


So, where are we now? It is June, the 8th of June to be exact. It is just 2 weeks until the Isle of Wight Festival where I will be heartily consuming booze and tasty grub and I suspect this will include things like chips. I do often go for rice and noodle dishes too which hopefully aren’t as heavy on the syn values.

If you are a follower of my Instagram (@missamyrach), particularly my Instagram stories you will know that I share more current info. From this you might know that I have been doing some running recently, I say running, it is more of a walk/jog scenario but it is a good workout nonetheless. I have been using the Zombie Run app as part of a couch to 5k programme. Amazingly, I have been really enjoying it.

I got to the stage where I had completed 3 weeks of the programme and I could really see the difference in my workouts. I also think it has been aiding my weight loss. However, on the way back from workout 1 of week 4, my ankle suddenly started to hurt. Sadly, I haven’t been able to run since and I am finding it very frustrating. I also feel really disappointed having gotten so into something only to be held back. From experience, I know that stopping the momentum of exercise is a slippery slope and I just hope it heals soon.

You might also know that this month, I have been taking part in an Instagram photo challenge. This challenge was started by Carly from Carly Bloggs, a fellow slimmer who has been very successful. It is a Slimming World photo challenge but it is also about positivity. It is such a simple concept but I think it is a lovely thing to be doing. Daily reminders are helpful and inspiring and we could all do with a little extra positivity in our lives.

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As the first task, I shared my June goals. This included my plan to try to lose 4 and a half lbs before the Isle of Wight Festival! Eek, that will be tough. I also want to get back into running but this is dependant on my ankle healing and also I want to make sure I complete a yoga workout at least twice a week. So far, the yoga goal is going very well. Time will tell with the weight loss and I remain hopeful that my ankle is on the mend.

The Trouser Test

So, the trouser test. I have owned these trousers for a long time. And I really mean, a long time. These trousers have become my gauge. I remember times when they would fall down because they were too big! However, so much of my ownership of these has been spent wishing I could fit back into them. I now regret not taking a picture of myself in these when I first started. I can tell you though, that I could barely do them up. They have a hook to secure the top, a missing hook that popped off through wearing them whilst they were too tight and a zip. At the time of starting, they were so tight I could hardly breathe. So what is the situation after losing 14.5lbs?

They fit!! Although, they are a little tight. In the picture, they actually look tighter than they are because that middle hook pulls open without anything there to hold it in place. I will replace that. Either way, they fit to the point that I could wear them out so I am happy. What a non-scale victory!

And so…

So that’s where things are for this update. One of the reasons I wanted to do this, other than to keep you guys posted, is to reflect on the process. I had lost sight of when I restarted this weight loss bid and although I hope that, this time, this becomes a final lifestyle change, I remain wary of how easy it can be to fall off of the wagon.

It has surprised me though, to learn that I had lost 14.5 lbs in 13 weeks. I have never been this motivated and committed but the results speak for themselves. Although 13 weeks still seems like a long time, I haven’t felt like I am ‘on a diet’. 14.5 lbs in 13 weeks is a good steady weight loss and, therefore, less likely to pile it back on. I am also only about halfway to where I would like to be. I assume that f you are watching this video you are interested in slimming for one reason or another, so we shall continue the journey together and I hope that my story inspires your own, if you want it to.

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