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Hello everyone and welcome to ‘What I Eat in a day’. This is episode 3, which is a Slimming World edition but to clarify, is not low fodmap for those suffering with IBS.

Today was a normal day. I am at home, not expecting visitors and just planning on cracking on with work to motor through as much as possible. I have editing to do and I have some thumbnails to create. To begin, tea and a cup of coffee kept me warm and enthused. As so often happens, I found myself entirely absorbed in my work. All of a sudden it was half 10 and I still hadn’t made myself some breakfast…



Late breakfast today (so brunch then..) was a wholemeal roll as my healthy extra B choice for the day. In this, I had a reduced fat sausage from Aldi (at 1.5 syns per sausage) with bacon, an egg and 1 syn of ketchup. De-flippin’-licious. I have had this loads of times recently.


This turned into a bit of a mishmash as I was making dinner for the day and ended up snacking on grapes, the veg I was chopping and then sampling the mixture for dinner. This combined with breakfast being brunch meant that lunch didn’t materialise as a normal meal. But, I can’t complain too much as everything consumed was syn free!


It is Mexican night! I was a bit stuck tonight as I had planned chilli for dinner but hadn’t been shopping for the ingredients I needed. So, I hopped on google and searched out a Slimming World Mexican recipe. Low and behold, a Mexican chicken recipe appeared straight away and I happened to have all of the ingredients. I so appreciate little life moments like this. Thus, I hoicked some chicken breasts out of the freezer to defrost. I wasn’t sure about this one but it turned out to pretty really tasty. Cajun spices, chicken, sweet potato and tasty veggies. I had to adapt mine slightly based on the contents of my fridge but does it sound good? It certainly tasted good. Even better, it is a syn free recipe but I served mine with a rice pouch from Aldi and just under a syn per person. You can find the recipe on Slimming World’s website here: https://www.slimmingworld.co.uk/recipes/mexican-chicken.aspx

Overall syns for the day? Approx 3 and I was full enough not to need to use the rest of syns on sweet treats. A great day on plan.

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