Food Friday – What I Eat In A Day! Slimming World & FODMAP Friendly

Hello everyone and welcome to my first Food Friday ‘What I Eat In A Day’ post!

I have talked before about how things vary for me. I hop on and off of the Slimming World wagon quicker than I can eat a Cadbury’s crunchie, but I console myself that this approach helps prevent me from straying too far from my ‘upper weight limit’. By that, I mean the top end of where I am relatively comfortable with my weight.

I will also let you into a little secret. Recently I decided to stick to the club structure of Weatherspoons. I know that they structure their weekly deals and I thought this would be helpful for my meal planning. So this is something I am trying.  Recording this what I eat in a day on Tuesday means an evening meal related to their Steak Club!

So, what I eat in a day:



Today I opted for Porridge with a banana and berries. 40g of porridge (Gluten Free for FODMAP Friendly) is your Healthy Extra B choice. It may not suit everyone but I like to chop my banana and then mush it in slightly. I don’t puree it as this would add syns but a rough mash helps to spread out the sweetness. Chuck in some chopped strawberries (I used three medium-sized strawberries) and there was plenty of fruity freshness. I love this combo. I was eating it at the kitchen table with the sun shining outside and it felt lovely and summery, even on such a cold crisp day.


Lunch today was chicken fried rice. I had bought and cooked a chicken the previous day so had loads to use up. I used an Aldi Basmati Rice Pounch (1.5 syns) along with chopped baby corn, green beans and green pepper to create a tasty rice dish. For this, you will also need a low fodmap stock cube. Sainsbury’s, Knorr and Kallo produce low FODMAP stock options and you can either find them in the supermarkets or on Amazon. Massel also offer low fodmap options:

If all else fails, Beef Bovril (avoid the chicken one) works and adds plenty of flavour.

Afternoon Snack

I have to be a little careful with the amount of fruit I have all at once as it can hurt my tummy if I have too much. It tends to make me bloated and uncomfortable. A delicious fruit plate of grapes, a clementine and some strawberries could be a little problematic for my digestion so I ate it slowly over the afternoon to curb my sweet cravings!



Mixed Grill day. Along with the Weatherspoon’s Steak Club theme, today a mixed grill was on the menu. With the visible fat removed, the plate consisted of steak, lamb leg steak, egg and tomatoes for speed food. So delicious and low carb which my body very much approves of.

So, all in all, a very low syn day today using just 1.5 syns. Happily, no night time hunger pangs and I went to bed feeling fully satisfied without bloating. Happy days!

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What I Eat In A Day

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