Yankee Candle Tea Light Advent Calendar 2016 Review

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With such a new found love of candles and not wishing to bundle on too many lbs this Christmas, I set out to find an advent calendar with a difference. A google search quickly brought me into the realms of the candle advent calendar and I spied this Yankee delight on Amazon in a Black Friday deal. I actually purchased my calendar in conjunction with the festive tea light holder shown above, and I am so pleased I did. Not necessary, but I thought it added to the Christmassy vibe at home and I love the beautiful glow.

The calendar design, although visually not to my taste, is bright, Christmassy and packed full of 23 tea lights:

The range of scents are:

  • All is Bright

  • Festive Cocktail

  • Christmas Cookie

  • Macaron Treats

  • Snowflake Cookie

  • Star Anise & Orange

Then, on Christmas Eve, you are treated to a votive candle which is bright red and aptly named ‘Christmas Eve’, a lovely fruity scent and right up my street.

Yankee Advent Calendar 2016

The recommended retail price was £25, but I bagged mine at £17.99. Initially, even at the reduced price tag I thought £17.99 was a bit steep for a tea light advent calendar. However, with Yankee Candle up there in the candle field I convinced myself that this was one to try. Amazon reviews were really positive and for me, it breaks the mold of that wonderful, but samey, chocolate calendar.

The lasting power of the individual tea lights is great. Whilst cheaper varieties mostly provide only a couple of hours of light and a relatively poor fragrance payoff, Yankee Candle claim that individual tea lights will burn for 4-6 hours. In my view, they certainly last for 4 hours, but maybe not quite as long as 6.

The strength of each scent is pretty incredible too. Every so often a gentle waft reaches you, reminding you that it is there looking and smelling lovely. However, returning to a room is when you really feel the benefit of the warm, sweet scent which, for me, is an absolute pleasure. Giant mansion rooms, of course, may not feel quite the same benefit. One evening though, when two of the same scent were in use in an average sized lounge, a wonderful sweet, fruity scent was always present, strongly filling the room and delicately scenting the kitchen next door.

In summary, a successful purchase and great offering from Yankee Candle this year. For me, this is a lovely, fat-free alternative to a chocolate calendar, literally making me smile each day.



This post is not sponsored. All products mentioned were purchased by myself and all views and opinions are my own.

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